In accordance with Article VII, section 2 of the Bylaws

Bylaws committee members are appointed by the Chairman and confirmed by the ECs.

The Resolutions Committee oversees the call for resolutions to the Party convention and facilitates the resolutions process at Executive Committee meetings. The Committee screens all proposed resolutions to see that they are in line with the South Carolina Republican Party platform and checks for duplication.

Resolutions Committee members are appointed by the Chairman and confirmed by the ECs.

Assist in all aspects of campaign support for local, state and national races (Phone banking, door to door, placing signs, etc…)

  • Ensure Cluster leaders and Precinct Presidents are informed of their duties and responsibilities
  • Publish best practices for successful precinct and cluster organization resulting in increased participation and voter turnout
  • Attempt to fill vacant Precinct President positions
  • Review and/or modify current precinct organization
  • Assist the board with monthly meetings, quarterly EC meeting and targeted events
  • Coordinate when necessary, with Campaign committee
  • Create strategies and exercise proven methods for consistent fundraising
  • Implement new and creative ideas to expand the YCGOP footprint with neighboring counties
  • Contact new members to ensure all contact information is correct and they understand membership benefits
  • Inform new members on existing committees and upcoming events they can participate in
  • Ensure new members receive a welcoming gift (coffee mug, pins, t-shirt,etc..)
  • Research, track and communicate updates on important legislative issues, bills, and executive orders
  • Establish party member goals for legislative sessions
  • Liaison with active county conservative groups who are involved in legislative action
  • Identify area High School and College audiences and/or groups who are open to dialogue and exploring issues affecting all elements of civil society from a liberty perspective
  • Connect youth audiences across the spectrum and foster a ‘laboratory of ideas and dialogue’ for better civil discourse
  • Educate the youth on the foundational principles of conservatism applied to the current age we are living in
  • Liaison with local law enforcement officials in order to inform and educate members on all critical issues, both to the public and to our LE professionals
  • Coordinate and gain a better understanding how we can assist & support our law enforcement officials
  • Inform and educate members on the rights of citizens, as it pertains to self defense as well as unconstitutional or unenforceable edicts from the federal government.
  • Identify and Inform all members on important local education issues and concerns
  • Identify areas of concern that do not align with the SCGOP Education Platform

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