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Emergency Polling Place Changes

Notice Emergency Polling Location Moves for June 2024

Due to a severe and sudden shortage of election workers and Pursuant to 7-7-910 (B), I am respectfully notifying all of you of the following emergency polling location moves listed in the table below. The State Election Commission and York County Legislative Delegation Chairman was notified yesterday evening and are included with this message.


In each case, the alternative location was recently used during the Presidential Preference Primaries earlier this year.


We are notifying voters affected by the emergency location moves with posted notices at the designated polling place, as prescribed by law, press & media releases, social media campaign, the York County Government Website and At this time, traditional postal mail would not be feasible or an effective method of notification.


Should you have any questions concerning this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Alan Helms

Voter Registration and Elections Director

Voter Registration and Elections

York County Government (803) 684-1242



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