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More News & Notes 10/15/23

YCGOP News and Notes

Please forward to your AMERICA FIRST patriot friends


Presidential primary campaigns are up and running. Here's some info that has just come in.


Veterans for DeSantis - VFW 2889 Townhall

Thu, Oct 19, 2023 from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (EDT)

Governor DeSantis knows what it means to serve our nation. He's the battle-tested candidate who has worn his country's uniform with pride. Governor DeSantis will reverse our nation's decline and revitalize America.

Decline is a choice. Success is attainable. And freedom is worth fighting for... Governor Ron DeSantis is in that fight!


Calling all Trump Supporters

Get your Trump flags out, get your American flags out, get your Patriotic attire ready - we are going to make Trump's presence known as people drive onto Winthrop University campus in Rock Hill for the Presidential Forum this Thursday, October 19th. We will meet at Winthrop's entrance corner of Cherry Rd and Oakland Avenue from 5:00-6:40pm.

Rock Hill Police have asked me to give them a number of how many people are coming by Wednesday, Oct 18, so PLEASE LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND THIS EVENT!! Come for 1/2 hour or stay the entire time - bring your spouse, children or grandchildren!

We have 5 new Trump flags - we need wavers to wave them! We need American flags, small and large. We need Trump supporters to hold Trump 2024 signs (will be provided). We plan to have some FUN promoting TRUMP!

Please, no negative flags, signs or attire regarding Biden or any other presidential candidate. This needs to be POSITIVE for TRUMP! Come with your JOY and smiles and excitement for the one candidate that can turn this country around!!! Let America know Trump is the Man who Can Get the Job Done!

Annie Dempsey

Trump Campaign Coordinator for York County



This is how easy it is to hack a voting system

We need to demand that our representatives get rid of these machines and move to hand marked ballots that are hand counted in the precinct or we will never have another REAL election. You will be outraged when you see how compromised our voting machines are.


WHO WE ARE – YCGOP is a group of ‘AMERICA FIRST’ (AF) patriots that believe in strength in our national policies – strong economy, strong military, strong borders, and strong foreign policy. YCGOP believes that the GOP in SC should be enacting the GOP platform (see here – the platform is excellent but ‘special interests,’ aka The Swamp in Columbia, keep much of it from being enacted).

OUR MISSION – To promote the Republican Party platform and elect candidates who will support it. We intend to increase our membership and, therefore, our influence with our elected officials at the city, county, and state level.

HOW YOU CAN HELP – It is understood that we all have busy lives. Some folks can do more than others. However, nearly everyone can take a moment and think of a few people YOU know who are also AF patriots that live in York County and forward this email to them so they, too, can know what’s going on in our county and state. There are a LOT of AF patriots out there who are sick and tired of the establishment GOP way of selling out to special interests. We want to put an end to that in SC and need all the help we can get!

Larry Barnett, Chairman

York County Republicans



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