Officer Nominations

The Nominating Committee is releasing the updated slate of officers below with the following caveats.  The slate is published in alphabetical order by name of each candidate.

  1. The committee does not endorse any candidates; it only verifies that those who wish to run are eligible.
  1. As is stated in rule H in the YCGOP Bylaws, “Nominations from the floor shall be allowed provided the nominee has given written consent to the Chair to be nominated two (2) weeks prior to the County Convention. All nominees shall comply with these requirements as stated in Article IX, Section 1G.” Two weeks prior to the County Convention is April 1, 2023.


Chair: Larry Barnett, Christine Lekich, David Wilburn

Vice Chair: Jesse Enns, Andy Krouse

Secretary: Denise Bach, Anna Hodge, Carol Sheets

State Committeeman: Margarett Blackwell, Carol Herring, Timothy Steele

Treasurer: Caleb Standafer